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Hire me for copy editing and proofreading your articles! As a historian, I have a year-long experience both in writing, editing and proofreading academic texts of all kind. My main field of expertise lies on editing social science and history texts, however, I have been working with more traditional non-fiction literature as well. Therefore, I can deliver high-quality editing and proofreading work in a range of niches.

Typically, academic editing includes proofreading your text and fixing all issues concerning grammar, punctuation and overall flow. I also put special emphasis on coherence and a consistent style. It goes without saying that academic editing furthermore includes checking and standardising your references and footnotes. I am familiar with all major citation standards and can quickly adapt to your specific requirements or that of a specific journal. Contact me for your non-binding offer!

As an alternative to full academic editing, you can also hire me for simply proofreading your texts. Depending on which of the aforementioned components you want included, I can send you a personalised offer.


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Please contact me with your specific editing project, so I can tell you how exactly I can help you with it! Just send me an email or use the contact form below.