Writing and editing services

Both in traditional media as well as online, we are in the middle of a massive shift. Businesses refer to this new paradigm as content marketing but in the end it boils down to this: quality is now (finally) more important than quantity.

This new focus on quality brings with it many advantages but also some challenges, especially concerning manpower. It simply takes personnel capacity to create content, check, copy edit and streamline it. One increasingly popular solution to this problem is outsourcing to professional freelancers who take care of writing and copy editing original content. 

I can help you by offering two freelance services:

  • Hire me as a writer to provide you with high-quality content for your online or offline publications
  • Hire me as a copy editor, to proofread, edit and optimise your already existing articles or other material

To learn more about my previous work please have a look at the Portfolio & References page. For concrete questions please consult the FAQs or contact me directly.